Rainbow Model Set RB 3544, Imperial Japanese Navy depth charge frames, is comprised of photo-etch brass and resin parts. The photo-etch provides parts to make
four different types of depth charge racks. One type is a storage rack to hold one depth charge – you get a dozen of these. The next type is a roll-off rack that is
fitted to the stern – you get parts to make six of these. Finally you get two different styles of storage racks for depth charge throwers – you get parts to make three
of one style and parts for a pair of the other style. Handling davits are also included to use with the latter two racks. The relief etching is well done and adds some
depth to the parts. Each part is identified by a number etched into the fret.

The resin parts are comprised of two types of depth charge throwers, a twin and single version. The parts include the mount and depth charge and you get three of
the twins and a pair of the singles. To load the actual racks, you will need to make your own from plastic rod or alternatively use can get Rainbow Model turned brass
IJN Depth Charge set (
http://www.steelnavy.net/RainbowIJNDepthChargesFBustelo.html ). A small, fully illustrated guide is included which shows how to assembly
the different photo-etch racks and there is a note that the pair of single throwers and corresponding storage racks were fitted only on
Fubuki class destroyers. I will
leave it to the IJN experts out there to verify this.
The IJN depth charge frames set from Rainbow Model has crisp, well-done photo-etch and resin parts. This set will add some good detail to your model of an
Imperial Japanese Navy combatant that was fitted with depth charges. My thanks to Rainbow Model for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo