Alan Raven hardly needs an introduction. Mr. Raven along with John Roberts were the authors of British
Battleships of World War Two
and British Cruisers of World War Two, the most important and thorough
reference volumes on those two topics. Mr. Raven has also written numerous titles in the Ensign, Man O'War
and Warship Perspective series, as well as larger volumes on the Essex Class aircraft carriers and Fletcher
class destroyers.

Recently Alan Raven allowed Felix "Man About Town" Bustelo to scan photographs from his record. The
most recent photographs received from Felix, in between his frequent pub crawls, are photographs of the
Royal Navy Swiftsure Class light cruiser. "During a visit to the U.S. Archives many years ago, I came across
boxes of loose photos of Royal Navy ships. I was informed that these photos were duplicates that were going
to be disposed of. I offered to take them rather than have them destroyed. The staff agreed. The total number
was in the hundreds. I have selected some of the better and interesting ones. There will be more posted in the
future."  -  
Alan Raven
The Royal Navy
British Battleships
HMS Queen Elizabeth, September 1943 - Drawing by Alan Raven, Sent by Charles Van Cor
British Battleship & Monitor Photographs
British Aircraft Carrier and CAM Ship Photographs
British Cruiser Photographs
British Destroyer Photographs
British Escort Photographs
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