The Breda 20mm/65 machine gun was widely employed by the Regia Marina as a deck-mounted anti-aircraft weapon in most Italian warships. The gun was developed
from 1930 to 1935 and came in both single and twin mounting versions. It was considered a fairly efficient weapon and was operated by one aimer and a four-man gun

Regia Marina released a photo-etch set with parts to build a total of 14 Breda 20mm/65 single gun mountings. Each mounting is comprised of 12 individual parts. The
base for the gun alone is made up of five parts stacked up. The remaining parts consist of the actual mount, barrel and side supports, aimer’s seat and what appears to
be a control box or a counterweight.

A single sheet of assembly instructions is provided that is fully illustrated with step-by-step diagrams. I find the instructions to be logically laid out and clear, with what
little text there is in both Italian and English.
While the assembly of each gun is fairly meticulous, the end result is a very detailed replica of this interesting machine gun. Because assembly each gun mount requires
working with several photo-etch parts, some rather small, I would recommend it to someone with an intermediate level of experience working with photo-etch. My
thanks to
Regia Marina for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York