Regia Marina produces a fantastic and “must have” photo-etch set for all modellers looking for to improve the FREMM Carlo Bergamini Class Frigate, produced by
Gwylan Models in 1/700 scale. A SteelNavy review of the 1/700 scale Gwylan Models FREMM
Carlo Bergamini kit is available at the following link: http://www. The parts provided can be used on both versions of the FREMM Italian Frigates, namely the GP (General Purpose) and ASW
(Anti-submarine warfare). This set includes an extensive PE parts as well as a nice instruction sheet, where the location of all PE parts are clearly identified.

Photo-Etch parts included on this set Include: Ship names on both sides of the stern for the following ships: F590
Carlo Bergamini (GP); F591 Virginio Fasan (ASW);
Carlo Margottini (ASW); F593 Carabinieri (ASW); F594 Alpino (ASW); and F595 Luigi Rizzo (GP). Other brass parts included are: Vertical ladders - part 9;
Catwalk radar - part 17; Exhausts / Vents - parts 16, 25 and 28; 25mm gun safety nets - Folded and unfolded configuration - Parts 3 and 4; Bow Safety nets (Board and
Starboard) for the 127mm gun (GP) or 76mm gun (ASW) - Part 8; Safety Nets for the 76mm gun on the Hangar roof mount - part 7; Anchor - part 10; Star Bow - part
23; Helicopter Landing Lights - Part 14; Bow flag mast - parts 15 and 26; Stern flag mast - parts 15 and 27; Highly detailed Surveillance Radar (Selex RAN-30X/12D) on
the bridge roof - parts 29, 31, 32 and 33; Additional FWD mast details - part 11; Additional AFT mast details - part 13; Wing bridge perforated deck - parts 5 and 6; Wing
bridge side panels - parts 1 and 2; Whip antennas - parts 19; and Additional Hull Details - parts 12, 20, 21, 25 and 30. Specific parts exclusive for the ASW version ships
of the Italian FREMM: F591
Virginio Fasan; F592 Carlo Margottini; F594 Alpino; and F595 Luigi Rizzo.
The Regia Marina AF097 – Super Detail Photo Etch set, is a highly recommended add-on, in order to represent a “premium” model of the FREMM Carlo Bergamini
Class Frigate (GP / ASW) and once applied, will definitely make all the difference as to level of details, accuracy and quality is concerned.
Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal