If you look at photographs of the muzzles of the 15-inch guns of the Littorio Class battleships, you will notice reinforcing bands. If you look at the muzzles of the
plastic 15-inch guns on the Trumpeter 1:700 scale kits, you will notice reinforcing bands but they are so oversize that they look like fungo bats.
Regia Marina has
produced four sets of turned brass barrels for the Trumpeter 1:700 scale models of the ships in the class. The big set (A.F.076) from
Regia Marina contains a
complete set of turned brass barrels for the 15-inch (381mm) main guns, 6-inch (152mm) secondary guns and 90mm tertiary dual purpose guns.
Regia Marina
also has sets for only the 15-inch guns with set A.F.077, 6-inch guns with set A.F. 078 and 90mm guns with set A.F. 079. If you are only going to replace only
one or two sets of barrels it is more economical go buy the individual sets. However, if you are replacing all three calibers of guns, the big set is more economical.
It is not only the 15-inch guns that benefit with the Regia Marina turned brass barrels but also the 6-inch and 90mm guns. The 6-inch guns also have reinforcing
bands at the muzzles and Trumpeter's parts have the same over-size fungos on the secondary guns, while the
Regia Marina brass barrels are to scale. The you
come to the 90mm tertiary guns. The Trumpeter barrels are too fat and too short. No problem, the
Regia Marina barrels fix the problem. Of course all of the
Regia Marina brass barrels have hollow muzzles. However, if you are going to use the Regia Marina turned brass barrels there is one issue on which you will
have to work, blast bags. Whether you call them blast bags or bloomers, the
Littorio Class had blast bags on all the barrels in question. Although the brass 90mm
barrels will fit right into their turrets without cutting off and using the plastic blast bags from the 90mm Trumpeter barrels, you really need the blast bags from the
Trumpeter 6-inch and 15-inch barrels. It will add time but it is a straightforward operation. All you do is simply saw off the plastic barrel from the blast bags and
then drill a hole for the brass attachment post and assemble with super glue.
Fuming with fungos? I'm talking about the oversize muzzle reinforcing bands on the muzzles of the Trumpeter gun barrels for the Littorio Class battleships.
Those plastic barrels look like fungo bats or have a severe case of goiters.
Regia Marina  to the rescue with their turned brass barrels for the Trumpeter 1:700
scale kits of the
Littorio Class battleships.
Steve Backer