It is always a kick to see one of the early Revell models that appeared over the decades under various names. This is one of the early flat-bottom Revell releases in box scale, originally released in the mid-1950s. Box scale meant that the size of the model
was designed to fit into a particular size box, rather than a box designed to fit a specific scale ship model. Revell was the biggest proponent of box-scale model production. Aurora and Airfix kits were generally in 1;600 scale, while Renwal and Frog used
1:500 scale. Heller was 1:400 scale, while Lindberg and Hawk followed the box-scale led by Revell. At the time Japanese companies had not yet produced kits in the now standard 1:700 scale.
Craig Bennett built the Revell USS Randall APA-224, attack
transport, in 1:376 box-scale. As a young kid just into building glue smeared warship kits, I remember this kit fondly. I believe the early production run was named the
USS Montrose. I remember that it was great in the bathtub, as all of the landing craft
would float, if you hadn't glued them to the transport. Thanks Craig for reviving my memory!