For those who don’t know what a drop tank is, it is an external auxiliary fuel tank that is carried by an aircraft either on its belly or wing. Drop tanks are expendable
and can be jettisoned if needed. On modern military jets, drop tanks are more commonly carried on its wings.
SSN Modellbau continues to expand its line of USN
aircraft carrier accessories with this set of 10 turned brass drop tanks and a photo-etch fret of fins to attach to the tail end of the tank. The turned brass parts are
excellent and very clean. It is common for turned brass parts to have a nub or bit of excess material that needs to be clipped off. This is not the case with these drop
tanks, so they are ready to use. The assembly guide is comprised of a single sheet with illustrations showing how to attach the correct number and position of the
photo-etch fins for the specific type of aircraft carrying them.
This is another nifty accessory set from SSN Modellbau that will detail your air wings parked on the flight deck of your carrier model. My thanks to SSN
for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo