Ship modelers have used a variety of materials to make whip antennas for a model – brass wire, paint brush bristles and I have even read that some have used cat or dog
whiskers after they have fallen of a pet. As clever as those solutions are, they don’t quite look the part. Now there is an alternative to chasing Fido around waiting for a
whisker to drop, from
SSN Modellbau - an accessory set of 10 turned brass 35-foot long modern whip antennas with a photo-etch fret of different style support

The turned brass antennas are very well done with a tapered end on top and a nicely reproduced base on the bottom end. The antennas are fragile and can bend, as one
has slightly in my sample, so handle with care. The photo-etch fret has three different types of support mounts, so some research by the modeler is needed to see which
one is correct for your model. The assembly guide is comprised of a single double-sided sheet with general information on one side and an illustration showing how to
bend one of the support mounts and a photo showing a few assembled and in place. There is no image of the other two types of support mounts, but that is fairly easy
to figure out.
This is well-done set from SSN Modellbau to add a proper finishing touch to your modern warship model. My thanks to SSN Modellbau for providing the review
Felix Bustelo