The AGM-62 Walleye was the first in a line of precision-guided bombs designed to hit its intended target without inflicting collateral damage. The Walleye,
produced by Martin Marietta, was a glide bomb what was maneuvered by a television assisted guidance system. As the pilot approached a target, a TV camera in
the nose of the Walleye transmitted images to a screen in the cockpit. When a sharp image was acquired by the pilot, an aim point was designated and the bomb
released. The bomb glided on its own to the target and would maneuver itself using its four large fins. Later versions were fitted with an extended data link which
would give pilots command guidance capabilities, allowing them to fly the weapon and even change aim points after release. Most Walleyes had a 250-pound high-
explosive warhead, though a nuclear warhead could be fitted.

The Walleye was used during the Vietnam War, though it accounted for less than 6% of the precision-guided bombs employed. The Walleye was generally
successful and could achieve excellent results on soft targets under the right circumstances. In May of 1967, aircraft from the
USS Bonhomme Richard were able
to knock out Hanoi’s power plant using Walleyes. On sturdier targets, such as the strong Thanh Hoa Bridge, the Walleye was not able to inflict too much damage.
The Walleye II, a larger 2,000-pound version, was developed to address this deficiency and used later in the Vietnam War. The larger bomb was nicknamed “
”. Upgraded versions of the Walleye were used in the Gulf War but the munition was eventually superseded by the AGM-65 Maverick.

SSN Modellbau is producing a line of accessories focusing on modern aircraft munitions and equipment. The Walleye set is comprised of turned brass bombs and
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body. The jigs and extra fins are indicative of a well thought out design. The assembly guide is comprised of a single sheet with illustrations and text explaining how
to use the jig.
The AGM-62 Walleye guided bomb by SSN Modellbau in 1:350 scale accessory set will let modelers super-detail modern United States Navy aircraft parked on
carrier flight decks waiting to be deployed. My thanks to
SSN Modellbau for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo