The Cleveland Tractor Company’s M2 high speed tractor was used by the Army Air Corps to tow aircraft and heavy trailers often on primitive airfields. Affectionately
known as the "
Cletrac" for its manufacturer or the "bomber nurse", the M2 was a fully tracked vehicle that weighed 13,800 pounds and was equipped with a 10,000
pound winch with 300 feet of 3/8-inch cable.
SSN Modellbau has released an accessory set with resin and photo-etch parts to build four M2 tractors. The entire
tractor is essentially done in resin with a good level of detail, such as the tracks, wheels, driver bench, headlights and engine housing in the casting. The tiny tractors are
augmented with photo-etch parts for the windshield, track guards, front and rear grills and headlight guards. You have the option of attaching the windshield in either an
up or down position with the latter requiring folding the part down at the base. Part numbers are etched in the fret for identification.

The assembly guide is comprised of 4 pages with two of those containing photos and a CAD drawing showing where the photo-etch parts go. The assembly of the
tractors is not complicated at all and the images do the job but I did notice a minor error in the CAD image on page 3. The photo-etch parts in this image are the
headlight guards, part PE 5, but it is incorrectly referenced as part PE 2. There are no painting instructions provided but based on photos I have seen, the tractors were
painted overall olive drab.
With the numerous resin and 3-D printed aircraft available in 1:350 scale, this accessory set from SSN Modellbau will come in handy to tow these around in an airfield
vignette. A good amount of detail is packed into these minuscule tractors. My thanks to
SSN Modellbau for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo