As World War II progressed in the Pacific, US Navy submarines were achieving greater success in sinking Japanese shipping, including oil and fuel tankers. The rate
of loss was becoming a critical blow to the Imperial Japanese Navy supply chain, so in an attempt to compensate for the shortage of tankers non self-propelled fuel
barges were utilized to transport bulk fuel and oil. The Type V was one of the designs used to supply ships with fuel and oil.
SSN-Modellbau of Germany has
released a kit of the Type V fuel barge. This kit is a very simple affair comprising of a waterline resin hull and resin boom. There is no photo-etch but there is really no
need any. The casting is top notch with very good detail down to the numerous ventilators the line the edge of the decks, the bitts at each corner by the bulkheads, the
hatches and the rudder. The barge will have to be removed from a casting runner. The boom will also have to be very carefully removed from the runner and PE or a
similar style of small scissor is recommended to accomplish this. The kit comes with a four-page assembly guide which is well done. This is a simple kit and the two
color photos show the assembly steps. Painting suggestions are also provided.
This kit would make a good addition to an IJN harbor scene or perhaps a refueling vignette. It is the kind of accessory that is often overlooked but in the end could
be that missing piece of the puzzle. My thanks to
SSN Modellbau for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo