The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a guidance system that is attached to unguided gravity bombs (aka “dumb bombs”) to convert them into precision-guided
munitions (aka “smart bombs”). The components of the system consist of a tail section with aerodynamic control surfaces and a GPS-aided inertial navigation system
and strake kit fitted to the body of the bomb. The JDAM is not a stand-alone weapon but rather the control system that is bolted on to a bomb.

The actual bombs are stored and transported in crates designed to hold a pair, prior to the JDAM system being attached. This accessory set from
SSN Modellbau
provides photo-etch crates and turned brass bombs to fit into the crates. With this set you get a total of 20 turned brass bombs and photo-etch parts to make 10
crates to hold them. The crates are made from two parts. The first part is the top and sides of the crate that you first fold into a U-shape, bending the cradles for the
bomb noses up. You then place a pair of the turned brass munitions inside the crate frame and add the bottom section of the crate, again bending the nose cradles up.
The photo-etch is first-rate and the turned brass bombs very well done. The assembly guide is comprised of a single two side sheet with illustrations showing how to
assemble the crates.
This is a clever accessory set that will make the flight deck of a modern United States Navy aircraft carrier look busy as crews ready the bombs for the JDAM
system and deployment on aircraft. The set is simple but effective and a dream for super-detailers. My thanks to
SSN Modellbau for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo