The Multiple Ejector Rack (MER) is a weapon suspension unit that attaches to an aircraft's pylons and that can carry up to six weapons, such as Mk. 82 bomb. This
set from
SSN Modellbau provides ten 3-D printed racks complete with a payload of Mk. 82 bombs and is enough to equip five to ten aircraft. The racks and bombs
have great detail and are done in a reddish-brown resin material. The racks come of a wafer with each on thin attachment points that make removal easy with a
hobby razor. A little bit of clean up at the detachment point may be needed. If you look closely you can see ridges that are indicative of 3-D printing on the bombs,
so some sanding will be needed to smooth them out.
This set will nicely complement an air wing on the deck of a model of a 1:350 scale modern U.S. Navy carrier be it the old Tamiya Enterprise and Trumpeter Nimitz
CVN or the more recent
Intrepid from Gallery Models and John F. Kennedy from Merit International. My thanks to SSN Modellbau for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo