Sailing Ships
Marengo, French 3rd Rate 74 Guns, Skytrex 1:700 Scale, Built by Lars Scharff - The French 74-gun ship Marengo was one of the numerous Téméraire class battleships built since 1782. Marengo was the
flagship of squadron attacking British trade in the Indian Ocean in 1803-1806 during the Napoleonic Wars. She was as famous (infamous) as
SMS Emden in the First World War and Admiral Graf Spee in the
Second World War. The model was built by
Lars Scharff using the 1/700 scale Skytrex kit (now sold to Navy Models and Books) of the Redoutable.
Principe de Asturias, Spanish 112 Gun 1st Rate Ship of the Line, Skytrex 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - The Skytrex 1:700 scale Principe de Asturias is part of a well thought out range of ships and well
worth a try if you are interested in the period or just like something different other than another “grey ship”. The rigging took time but the overall satisfaction at the end of the build concluded for
Peter Fulgoney
that it was a worthwhile exercise.
USS Enterprise, Schooner 1799, Constructo 1:51 Scale, Built by Robert McGhee - The is the latest addition to Robert McGhee's Enterprise models. This is the Constructo, wood, plank on frame model of the
1799 schooner
Enterprise,which served in the Quasi war with France, the wars with the Barbary Pirates and the War of 1812. The kit took Robert 4 months to build, with the better part of the 4th month being
dedicated to rigging the sails, mast and yards.
HMS Surprise, RN Frigate, 1:130 Scale, Modified Lindberg Kit by Don Ferguson - Don Ferguson took the Lindberg "Jolly Roger" pirate ship and modified it to the HMS Surprise.  He shortened the hull and
changed the galley windows and stern windows. He did other scratch building on deck to make the
HMS Surprise.
Newsboy, Model Shipways 1/96, #2, Bill Wood's build of the solid hull sailing ship model.
1:78th scale HMS Victory by Bobby Ivanov (Manuta)