The model was fairly straight forward to build but I really don’t like railings with individual stanchion ends as I find them a bit of a pain to work with.
The hull has a casting block along the keel that I removed and need some filler in spots and overall sanding to smooth it out. Also one of the bilge keels
came loose but didn’t break off while holding the hull during this process but I was able to run a little bit of CA glue to reattach it.  I based the rigging
looking at a few reference photos I was able to find on the Internet.  This showed a rather tall flagstaff along the side of the conning tower, which I
made using some brass rod.  Towards the aft, some bracing is evident that served as an anchor point for some rigging.  I cut down some photo-etch
stove piping that was left over from a
White Ensign Model kit for the supports and plastic strip for the cross member. For the rigging, I used .005 inch
Nitinol wire cut to size.  The model is painted with
Colourcoats 507a and WW1 #2 Grey as per John Snyder’s suggestion (my thanks to John for his
help).  The decals went on easily and reacted well to MicroScale decal setting solutions. I am looking forward to building the
M1 and M2 once I clear
off some other projects from the work bench.
Felix Bustelo