The last of the breed of Royal Navy battleships was the HMS Vanguard completed after World War Two. With the onset of the
war, the Admiralty looked around to find a comparatively fast way to build a new battleship. Of all of the systems on a battleship,
the system that takes the longest to develop is the main armament. Well, the Royal Navy just happened to have four spare gun
turrets with twin Mk I 15-inch guns, which had been removed from
HMS Glorious and HMS Courageous when they were
converted to aircraft carriers in the 1920's. Thus was the last British battleship born.

As the U-Boat menace increased and major German warships were sunk or neutralized, the construction rate of Vanguard slowed
due to a decrease of priority. As a result she was not completed until after the war.
Kostas Katseas has built the 1:700 scale
Samek kit of Vanguard, as shown here