These are some photographs of my 1/550 scale card model of the French predreadnought battleship Massena.  I built the model from plans from the French Archives but relied a lot for details from photos I saw on the Internet of builds of the
Golden Bear card model. The
Massena is one of the most unique looking French predreadnought battleships with her plough (not ram) bow and plethora of ventilators. It was a ship that I have always wanted to build but have avoided until now
due to the level of difficulty I knew I would encounter with the complex curves of the hull, especially at the stern. As you can see from some of the photos, I started using a new type of card construction that does not rely on frames to form
the shape of the hull. Unfortunately,
Massena did not have a distinguished career, and not being considered worthwhile activating for service in WWI, she was hulked in 1915.

Gregory Shoda
Aloha from Hawaii