These are pictures of my last model the Japanese battleship, Aki. As you probably know, Aki was a Satsuma-class semi-dreadnought armed with 12-inch and
10-inch gun turrets. The main difference between
Satsuma and Aki was that Aki and three funnels while Satsuma had two funnels.  I have a preference for
models of ships with more funnels, I guess.  Unfortunately,
Aki had a very undistinguished service career, not participating in any major operations during the First
World War that I am aware of. The model is constructed of light cardboard and is built in 1/550 scale.  The level of detail of the drawings I used was not high, so
construction was pretty straight forward and simple. Among the photos I have enclosed are  photos of
Aki together with IJNS Kurama and IJNS Tsukuba.
Gregory Shoda