Here are photographs of my recently completed model of the Japanese armored cruiser/battlecruiser Kurama.  Some of the photos include my models of other
Japanese capital ships
Tsukuba and Kashima.  The model was constructed in my usual 1/550 scale.  My records show that it was finished in only 3 weeks as I spent
at least 4-6 hours a day during that time on the model.  I was a little carried away with Japanese armored cruiser mania.  I have always admired the looks of the
Tsubuka and Ibuki classes of Japanese cruisers (rated as battlecruisers by the Japanese navy)..  I like their rakish looks.  Kurama led a somewhat uneventful life.  She
supported the Japanese occupation of the German Caroline and Marshall Islands during World War I and the Japanese operations against the Reds in Siberia after the
war.  I am now working on a model of the Japanese semi-dreadnought
Aki, another interesting subject.
Gregory Shoda