These are pictures of the IJNS armored cruiser/battlecruiser Tsukuba.  Tsukuba and her sister ship Ikoma were part of an emergency replacement program for the
Yashima and Hatsuse, which were both unexpectedly lost when they ran into mines laid off Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese war.  Tsukuba
participated during WWI in the capture of the German colony of Tsingtao and later in the search for Admiral Graf Spee's German East Asiatic Squadron.  Unfortunately,
Tsukuba was lost due to a magazine explosion in January 1917 at Yokosuka.

I've always thought that the
Tsukuba and Ikoma were very good looking ships and so I have always wanted to build a model of one of them.  The model is built in my
usual 1/550 scale.  It took me two months to build although I could have built is quicker since the drawings it was based upon were very simple.  I have been infected
with Japanese battleship fever lately.  I since have finished a much more complicated model of the
Kurama (in only 3 weeks) and have started on the battleship Aki.
Gregory Shoda