The French 74-gun ship Marengo was one of the numerous Téméraire class battleships built since 1782. Marengo was the flagship of squadron
attacking British trade in the Indian Ocean in 1803-1806 during the Napoleonic Wars. She was as famous (infamous) as
SMS Emden in the First World
War and
Admiral Graf Spee in the Second World War.

The model was built using the 1/700 Skytrex kit (now sold to Navy Models and Books) of the
Redoutable. The masts and yards were replaced by brass
parts (plastic for the tops), the ratlines are from
Atlantic Models and Ocean Spirit and the boats from Combrig. I have used Ducros-Legris‘ drawings
in The Campaign of Trafalgar and The Victory of Seapower to modify the kit to
Marengo’s fit in 1803-1806. The last two pictures show Marengo
together with the protected cruiser
USS Baltimore (Combrig kit) and the frigate Surcouf (L’Arsenal kit).
Lars Scharff