Do want options, a large selection of deck markings for the ships of the Nimitz Class aircraft
Starfighter Decals provides those options in 1:700 scale with their decal set 700-100. You
can choose the carrier you want and the markings that you want. Do you want solid deck numbers
or outline deck numbers? You choose, instead of the kit's producer. With this set, you are no longer
at the mercy of the decal sheet that comes with the model. With this large sheet you can kit open the
door of limitations and explore the broad horizon of possibilities that lies beyond the constraining
contents of the decals in the box. Do you want the
Nimitz or one of her sister-ships? This sheet has
them. Honest Abe, Johnny Reb, Big George, Big Stick, Ike, Truman, Carl Vinson, Ronnie Raygun,
you choose.
However, this sheet is more than just deck numbers, island numbers and hull names. It is the total
package with all of the deck markings, elevator markings, island markings, efficiency hash marks,
unrep markings, elevator lock markings, ordnance elevator markings, and warning circles. As an
added bonus the sheet also includes hangar deck markings. The full color instruction sheet
provides a large plan view for placement of the deck markings and a profile view of the islands of
the different carriers for placement of island decals. The
Starfighter Decals sheet for 1:700 scale
Nimitz Class carriers provides a perfect solution for any modeler wishing to expand their horizons
from the box contents.