The USS Enterprise CV-6 may be the most storied warship in the US Navy from World War Two but the USS Enterprise CVN-65 had her own very long history and
tradition. Although the nuclear Big E didn't face enemy aircraft carriers, she served far longer and fought in more conflicts than her illustrious predecessor, as well as
being the first nuclear aircraft carrier in the world.
Starfighter Decals brings to all Big E lovers a ship's decal set in 1:700 scale for the markings carried by the
Enterprise from 1962 to 2001. This set, 700-101, has the various deck patterns and markings sported by the ship in that 40 years and island and external bulkhead  
markings for the same period. Additionally there are hangar deck murals and markings, originally created by Patrice Rouyer, unrep markings and elevator locks, created
by Duncan Lake. These are for the ship only, as no aircraft decals for the carrier wing are included.

The flight deck markings comprise the bulk of the sheet. The deck number is open or closed white, large or small for four options. The runway markings coming
optional aft runway markings, the early narrow markings and the late wide markings. A full panoply of elevator warning markings are included, which also vary by as to
those carried 1962 to 1979, or those carried subsequently. Smaller deck markings are provided for electrical hook-up lines, catapult jet blast deflectors, starboard and
port barrier covers in various styles, armament elevator lines, foul lines, catapult shooters pit lines, deck edge elevator locks, and markings carried between number one
and two elevators in the 1960's and 1970s.
Island decals come for six different periods of the life of the ship. They are broken down into the following time periods: 1962-1965; 1966-1979; 1982-1985; 1986-1987;
1988-1991; and 1992-2001. The island numbers are in large and small versions with black shadow, as well as an E. Other island decals are various forms of the Beware
of Jet Blast Props and Rotors warnings. Probably the most unique island decal is the one for Hormuz Highway Patrol marking over the number three elevator opening
from 1988 to the 1990s. Also included for exterior island and hull detail are a full set of Unrep decals and stern nameplate. This set also includes interior hangar deck
markings. The most glorious of these is a very large mural featuring the preceding
USS Enterprises and a much smaller mural,which only has CV-6. The are many other
hangar details.
Its all here! Whether original beehive dome island or her combat configuration in the Gulf War, USS Enterprise CVN-65 flight deck, hull and island decals for four
decades of operations are on the decal set from
Starfighter Decals in 1:700 scale. All you need to do is choose the period in the life of the Big E.
Steve Backer
Roll Tide, Roll!