Here are some photos of my latest model, the French predreadnought battleship Suffren. It was built in 1/550 scale based upon drawings from the French Archives. This one took a long time
to finish, about 11 months due to a bad builder's block. I had been working quickly and completed the hull, which did not come out as well as I had hoped, and then I got stuck on the
casemates. For some reason I did not want to deal with them. So the model just sat for 9 or so months until I finally took on designing the casemates. The rest of the model was finished in 3
weeks. For me
Suffren is the most attractive of the French predreadnoughts, which do take a while to warm up to. She was involved in the Dardanelles campaign, where she was nearly sunk
from gunfire. She was tragically lost on 11/26/1916 enroute to Brest for overhaul, victim of a torpedo attack by U-56. Of the 648 souls aboard, none survived.
Greg Shoda, Hawaii