I started building this mammoth model kit of the USS Enterprise CVN-65 from Tamiya in 1:350 scale after receiving it for a birthday present in 2009. In
addition to the kit itself, I supplemented it by purchasing several Trumpeter 1:350 aircraft kits, mainly Hawkeyes', F-14D Tomcats, Intruders and assorted
helicopters. As I saw this as a once in a lifetime build, I also got hold of the
White Ensign Models Enterprise ship and air wing set, together with US
Navy aircraft carrier decals. Not to mention assorted bits of styrene and brass rod of various thickness. Construction was slow but straightforward, and
has been well documented by many model builders over the years. I opted not to create an entire hanger bay, but scratch built a small "cubby hole" for a
single plane in the rear starboard elevator space.

The kit was varnished prior to adding the decals and finally weathered with Mig pigments before starting on the air wing. After a break of approximately 6
months following the birth of my daughter, I started on the air wing and now have 55 aircraft glued to the flight deck, even one taking off and one
coming into land. More recently, I purchased a 1:350 Tamiya crew set as well as a photo etch set of 50, and they are now painted and in place. Overall, I
am really please with it and the Enterprise is very much the crown jewel of my collection.
James Jacob