When Gallery Models released their 1:350 scale USS Intrepid kit, angelic music came down from the heavens as modelers rejoiced chanting “Finally an angled-deck
Essex class carrier in 1:350 scale plastic!” The kit did come with several photo-etch frets to detail the model, but based on what I heard from some modelers that
actually built this kit, the brass was not the best quality and the railings were not very easy to work with. Also, some items were omitted that would have benefitted
from being done in brass.

Tetra Model Works released a complete upgrade set for the Gallery
Intrepid that makes the kit brass obsolete and covers all the bases. The set is comprised of a total of
seven brass photo-etch frets, labeled A through F, with beautiful relief etching. Part numbers are etched into each fret. This set focuses on the ship and there are no
parts to detail any of the aircraft.
Fret A has platforms and perforated catwalks, with associated railings, ladders and tons of support gussets. The undersides of the platforms and catwalks have relief
etching to show the locations of the support gussets.

Fret B has some more perforated catwalks with railings and support gussets and parts to build the large boat crane.

Fret C has parts to detail the side elevator with individual parts to build the support framing and the safety netting for lift edge.

Fret D has a number of inclined and vertical ladders, some flight deck safety netting, cable reels, railings for the 5”/38 gun mounts and the platforms and support
frames for some the antennas that were fitted along the hull.

Fret E is just about dedicated to parts to detail the Intrepid’s island. Included on the fret are parts to make the AN/SPS-29, AN/SPN-6 and AN/SPS-10 radars, details
for the gun director, mast platforms and supports, catwalks fitted to the island, vertical ladders, pri-fly windows, internal funnel details and cap grill and a variety of
other details to fit on the island.
Fret G has three sizes of floater net baskets that were fitted all around the vessel.

Two bags of metal wire and two lengths of brass rod are provided to use to for the various antennas that were fitted around the ship. Two bags of anchor chain are also

The instructions are printed on seven pages with full color photos showing where the parts and subassemblies are fitted on an actual build-up of the kit. Detailed
diagrams show how to put together the subassemblies, with each one identified by a group letter (Group A, B, C, etc.). The photos have each photo-etch part identified
with a combination fret letter and part number or subassembly group. The instructions are very thorough and images clear.
The Intrepid CV-11 Detail Up Set is very extensive and is a super detailer’s delight. I don’t think there is really anything overlooked. Some of the subassemblies are a bit
complex, with lots of individual parts, so I would recommend it for modelers with a good deal of experience working with photo-etch. If you are willing to take the
plunge, you will have a hell of an
Intrepid model to proudly display. My thanks to Tetra Model Works for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo