Toms Model Works has an inexpensive product to enhance your 1:700 scale model of the HMS King George V or HMS Prince of Wales. Toms set #734 provides all
of the generic parts that you would need, plus ship specific parts for both ships. The generic parts would also suite that old nugget, the Matchbox
HMS Duke of York,
although you don't get
Duke of York specific parts. Half of the fret comprises railing and ladder, while the other half has mostly radar arrays and the ship's cranes. If
you have not used
Toms photo-etch before, it is fragile because of the thinness, so don't be in a rush in attaching the parts.
The largest parts on the fret are the finely done ship's cranes with separate crane booms. These are no brainers to use as replacements of clunky plastic cranes in the
Tamiya and Matchbox kits. The finest and most delicate parts are the various radar arrays. It is hard to beat the looks of a British Yagi. The fret includes parts for the
Type 277, Type 281, Type 282, Type 284, Type 285, Type 291, and Type 293 radar arrays. Other parts of an electronic nature are 242 antennas, MFDF and VHFDF
direction finders. Funnel grates are of course included, as well as Oerlikon gun shields. The Walrus aircraft get propeller, wing struts and engine mounts. Ship specific
parts for the
Prince of Wales is the Type 284 radar. Ship specific parts for the King George V are other radar arrays, direction finders, and deck side splash rails. For
generic parts
Toms provides eight long runs of two bar railing with a bottom gutter that would represent a deck scupper and long stanchion separation, two long runs
of three bar railing with stanchions with medium separation, one run of three bar railing with close set stanchions. Other generic parts are one long run of two bar
railing, two long runs of vertical ladder, and one long run of inclined ladder. Each inclined ladder must be cut to fit the location. It has side safety rails but rungs instead
of tread boards. I much prefer separate inclined ladders with trainable tread boards but this is one of the trade offs for
Toms to provide an inexpensive photo-etch set.
Toms Model Works brass photo-etch set #734 for the HMS King George V & HMS Prince of Wales in 1:700 scale is a compromise with several trade offs. The
great strength of the fret is its low price. At $11.50 US you don't have to be King Midas to add the extra detail to your models. The brass is delicate, so take your
time. The fret make lack some parts found in more expensive sets but with
Toms you are getting a lot of brass at a low price.
Steve Backer