Do you have a kit that needs an extra bit of accuracy and detail?  You want something to make it model really pop and make it look like miniature version of the real thing?  One detail that is rarely included with most 1:350 scale plastic and resin kits are
proper portholes. Yes, many have round openings to represent portholes, but real portholes had a rigole, aka “eyebrows”, which diverted water from them. Some others also had battleports, covers with a vision slot that protected the porthole when shut.
If you want to add some “real” portholes to your model, then this set from
Tom’s Modelworks is the answer.

This set provides three styles of portholes all with rigoles: standard porthole, porthole with the battleport opened and porthole with the battleport closed. All three styles come in two scale sizes, 12 inch and 16 inch. The former was found on hulls and the
latter fitted on superstructures. For the 12 inch portholes, you get 145 each of the standard portholes and portholes with the battleport closed and 80 portholes with the battleport open. For the 16 inch portholes, you get 100 each of the standard portholes
and portholes with the battleport closed and 56 portholes with the battleport open. So, with one set, you have plenty to detail several models. A single page of instructions is included which has general tips on working with photo-etch, images showing the
different styles of portholes and a great photo of
USS Russell showing examples of some portholes. The image in the banner for this review is of a PCE which shows a few portholes with the battleports opened on her bridge face.
This set from Tom’s Modelworks sells for $11.75 and considering the number and styles of portholes you get and the number of models you could detail with it, this is quite a bargain in my opinion. Go ahead and make your model look that much better
with this set, you will not be disappointed. My thanks to
Richard Harden of Tom’s Modelworks for providing the review sample.

Felix Bustelo
New York