After painting a Model Monkey 1:350 scale USS Pennsylvania funnel with Tru-Color 5-D by brush (Model Monkey Pennsylvania funnel), I wanted to try
Tru-Color paint on a model. My choice for the model is the Combrig 1:700 scale USS Georgia, which I had picked up at Free Time Hobbies. This paint
job would be in the Great White Fleet livery. Since
Tru-Color Paint has paints in World War Two colors, there was no buff to use for the superstructure, which is a
pity because the
Tru-Color paints went on perfectly. This time I went right down the Tru-Color painting guide. First I washed the Georgia resin hull in soapy water
before painting to remove any possible resin curing dust.
Tru-Color Paint has three colors I could use in painting a Great White scheme. I used white 5-U for the hull
and Norfolk Anti-Fouling Red 65-A for the boot top. The
Tru-Color paints were used right from the bottle with no thinning. Both sprayed perfectly with great
coverage. Of course after spraying the hull white and allowing it to dry, I masked of the hull with Tamiya masking tape before spraying on the red boot top. After
allowing the red to dry, I removed the tape. Some patches of white came off with the tape. This may have been the result of the Tamiya masking tape but it was no big
issue. Using very thin Tamiya masking tape, I masked the boot top and used to spray gun white again to cover the cover the small areas that needed retouching. The
Tru-Color boot black will be used for smaller parts, such as funnel caps and gun barrels.
Tru-Color Paint is true to its word. Designed for spray painting, it does air brush right from the bottle with outstanding coverage. There is no muss or fuss in finding
the right mixture of paint and thinner. All you have to do is pour some
Tru-Color paint into your air brush bottle or cup and off you go for a pleasurable painting
Steve Backer