This is a look at the initial line up of Tru-Color Paint's naval paints. These paints are solvent based acrylic and clean up of an air brush or physical brush is easily
accomplished with acetone (nail polish remover). They are air brush ready and formulated to spray directly from the bottle. You may also dilute the mixture with
Tru-Color thinner. Drying time is 30 to 60 minutes. Tru-Color recommends air brush application using a compressor producing a pressure of 28-35 psi with
medium tip on the air brush. The
Tru-Color naval paints are available through local hobby shops, web based hobby stores or directly from Tru-Color Paint. They
also produce masking paper. The military line up will be released in increments from the fall of 2017 and through 2018. Initially, the paint releases will concentrate
on the grays and blues of the USN from pre-World War Two to 1946 and later the numerous greens and browns of the amphibious warfare vessels. Also, releases
will include standard colors like antifouling red, boot black, dull black, white 5-U and some exotic colors such as pre-war mahogany decks for carriers, Cavite blue
used for the Asiatic Squadron in the Philippines and the Dark Mountbatten Pink used by US shipyards in their repair of Royal Navy warships using the Mountbatten
Pink paint scheme.
Steve Backer