Here are photographs of my recently completed USS Arizona.  It’s the 1:350 scale Trumpeter kit I got in 2010, started and then stayed in storage while I
moved 3 times. I wanted to have the
Arizona next to my Tamiya 1:350 Missouri for obvious reasons.  I added Gold Medal Models and Tom’s photo-
etch, brass barrels by B&D Barrels and went with the 5-S sea blue scheme, as my reading convinces me that was our best estimate of
Arizona’s color
on December 7.  Battleship Arizona, by Paul Stillwell, is the best source, and I used the cover painting by Tom Freeman as inspiration. Of course,
building all those boats is a real test of patience and dedication. Overall, a good kit to build and a must have for Battleship fans like me!  
Neil Midkiff
Phoenix, Maryland