Here are pictures of my latest creation, the 1/700 scale Trumpeter Graf Spee.  I used Gold Medal Models photo-etch and for paints, a combination of Vallejo (deck
color, and miscellaneous other colors), AK Interactive (all the German Greys) and some tube acrylic paint to wash the decks dark brown.  I found the AK Interactive
paints (at least the ones I used) to be very difficult to work with.  They are very thin and require several coats even with a lot of mixing.  Worse still, when dry they
create a thick rubbery coat that turns into a mess if you have to sand it.  I plan to avoid their paints in the future. As far as Trumpeter’s kit goes, I thought it was
needlessly complicated – quite a few small pieces were needlessly subdivided and added no benefit I could tell. In all, a disappointing experience on a subject (
Graf Spee)
that has long been a favorite.  Though I mainly do USN subjects, I do have a lot of favorite ships in the German, British, and Japanese navies of WWII.
Rob Weilacher
Smyrna, Georgia