The Trumpeter 1:350 scale Prinz Eugen comes in a 1945 fit, but I wanted to model this beautiful ship in a Baltic scheme and had to go for the
Rheinebung Operation in 1941. Several alterations had to be made. All the FlaVierlings on deck as well those on the gun turrets had to be removed.  3.7
flak guns and single mounts had to be utilized .. Forward Director house had to be modified to only one level.The kit's Fumo 26 radar had to be replaced
by a Fumo 23 one.  Main mast Fumo 23 Radar had to be omitted. The forward High angle AA -directors Waackeltopf domed covers  had to be omitted
. Tubs were then introduced in their place. A wide drinking straw was perfect for the job. Scratch-built 3m-range finders were installed.  I had to
convert the two AA platforms on either sided of the funnel to searchlight platforms. These and their hemispherical rotatable covers were scratch-built.
Torpedo launching tubes had to be modified omitting their cupolas. The deckhouse just underneath the main mast had to be modified only having one
level. The AA platform in front of the conning tower had to be narrowed and a searchlight was installed instead of the Flavierling. The hangar was left
in an open position. I had to scratch-build the inside and installed a stowed second Arado available in the kit. Portholes covers and eyebrows were also
added. The superstructure was further enhanced with extra piping and trunking.
The Eduard's photo-etch set was used which lacked railings. I used the kit's offering which were quite satisfactory. Figures came from Northstar,
which are absolutely brilliant. The model was painted with a mixture of enamels...acrylics for shadows and oils for washes and weathering. The black
and white stripes were quite a job to get them all aligned. I must thank my good friends Mr.
Antonio Bonomi and Mr. David Gatt for their invaluable
information and assistance, which really helped me in this build.    
Louis Carabott