Here are photographs of my latest build, the Trumpeter HMS Valiant 1939. It pretty much out of the box, but I used brass barrels, brass cross yards, White Ensign
photo-etch set for the Queen Elizabeth class that included the pom poms and .50 cal MGs. I grabbed a Swordfish from the Flyhawk Hermes kit and
modified it to be a floatplane. Lifecolor paint and stretched sprue rigging completed the model. Special thanks goes to
Tim Stoneman for his help in making the kit
accurate for the 1939 period, as the kit has some glitches in the AA suite and the wrong scout plane. Thanks also to
Garth Connelly for helping, with Tim, to help
me choose the correct radar for 1939. That was also included in the excellent
WEM detail set.
Bob Cicconi