This is my rendition of Regia Marina Zara, as outfitted in early 1941. I started with the recent 1/350 scale kit from Trumpeter, no. 05347. Then I made and added a lot of extra details, using materials on the internet as reference. In addition to the
internet, I made good use of
Steve Wiper’s Warship Pictorial No.23 Italian Heavy Cruisers of World War II. The ship’s flags, aircraft markings and graphics on the No.4 turret came from Mr. Giampiero Galeotti’s website, Regia Marina M.
, which is a sponsor of I used photo-etch railings cut from my own inventory because I felt the kit’s railings were a bit over scale. The side benefit of this was that it was fairly easy to custom fit railings to go around the leadsman’
s platforms molded into the kit’s hull. When finished, the model contained 394 plastic and photo-etched parts from the box, plus I added another 372 pieces, either scratch built or from inventory photo-etch frets. Hopefully the extra effort is visible in
the photos. The model took 518 hours to complete, quite a bit less than other models I have built of similar complexity. Thank you for looking at the photos and reading this short summary.

Chuck Bauer