The RN Varese was a warship of the Regia Marina, built in the 1860s (2165 t. - 64 m.). She was an ironclad built by Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée in La Seyne-sur-Mer. She had one steam engine
generating 930 HP and propelling her at 8 knots. Maximum protection was 115 mm of iron armour. The main armament consisted of five 72 pound guns. Engaged at the Battle of Lissa against the Austrians in 1866,
she was converted to an hospital-ship for a short period in 1889-90. After her long life of service she was scrapped in 1902. A special thanks to my Chinese friend Hong who helped me when I started to build it in
China. It is made of sandalwood and brass by hands. Humbrol enamels.
Dr. Andrea De Bonis,