The 76mm naval gun system was developed by OTO Melara of La Spezia, Italy. Its compactness and low manpower requirements make it very suitable for small
warships, such as frigates, corvettes and patrol boats. The OTO Melara 76 mm has been widely exported and is currently in use internationally by 60 navies and it is
built under license by firms in several countries. The United States Navy, where it is referred to as the Mark 75 gun, first installed these on the
Oliver Hazard Perry
class frigates and
Pegasus class hydrofoils in the late 1970s. The Mark 75 is also used by the United States Coast Guard on their Hamilton class and Famous class
cutters. The original Compact gun has a firing rate of 85 rounds per minute. In the early 1980s, a "Super Rapid" (SR) variant was developed that is capable of firing
an increased rate of 120 rounds per minute. The SR's higher rate of fire was achieved by designing a faster feed system.

Veteran Models OTO 76mm set provides resin and photo-etch parts and turned brass barrels to build two mounts in the standard rounded turret. The resin
parts include the turrets, two different bases and optional gun camera housings and brackets that are fitted to JMSDF naval installations. The resin parts come on
casting runners that have thin attachment point. They are very detailed and required a little bit of clean up to remove bits of excess resin film. The trunnions have
openings to fit the nib at the base of brass barrels. The set provides a total of four turned brass barrels: two each for the original Compact and the newer Super Rapid
guns, which are slightly different. Since you will at most need two brass barrels, you get two spares to upgrade other gun mounts if you wish to retain the kit turret.
The photo-etch includes the access door, foot ladder and parts to make the shell casing ejection chute. The brass fret has some relief etching and looks well done. A
small instruction sheet is provided which has clear photos showing how to assemble the mounts.
This Veteran Models OTO 76mm set is an excellent upgrade set that has many applications for modern naval ship kits. You can use it on the Academy Perry class
frigate or the Trumpeter JMSDF
Murasame kits, among some others. My thanks to Melvin at Veteran Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo