The ITT Gilfillan AN/SPN-43 is the U.S. Navy's air traffic control (ATC) radar system used on all aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships for vectoring
aircraft into final approach. The AN/SPN-43 provides azimuth and range information for control and identification of aircraft from 50 miles to a minimum range of
250 yards at altitudes from radar horizon to 30,000 feet. Special indicators in the Carrier Air Traffic Control Center enable operators to direct aircraft along a
predetermined azimuth to a point approximately one-quarter mile from touchdown. At this point the aircraft is "handed-off" to the final approach controller who uses
the AN/SPN-42 automatic carrier landing system radar.

The AN/SMQ-11 Shipboard Receiving Terminal is a meteorological data terminal developed for naval shipboard use. This system provides the Navy with secure,
high-resolution, direct readout of visual and infrared imagery within 3 minutes of receipt from satellites for use in tactical air support, anti-submarine warfare and
general weather information.
The Veteran Models AN/SPN-43 ATC radar & SMQ-11 receiving terminal set is comprised of resin and photo-etch parts to build one of each item. The resin parts
for each AN/SPN-43 include the reflector antenna, pedestal, the antenna support, IFF antenna and the arm holding the horn antenna. The small photo-etch fret has
parts the support arms for the horn feed and a mesh screen that is fitted to the back of the antenna support. The photo-etch provides two of each part, so you have
an extra set in case you lose or mangle a part.

The SMQ-11 is comprised of a two-piece base, a pair of support arms and two different antennas. The larger antenna is the older version of the SMQ-11 that was
fitted on the
Forrestal class to early Nimitz class carriers. The more compact antenna is the updated version fitted on newer carriers and retro-fitted on some that
had the older version. The resin parts come on casting runners that have thin attachment points. They are very detailed and required very little clean up to remove
tiny bits of excess resin film. A small double-sided instruction sheet is provided which has clear illustrations showing how to assemble the units.
The Veteran Models AN/SPN-43 ATC radar & SMQ-11 receiving terminal set is an excellent accessory set that can be used to upgrade your 1:350 scale modern
aircraft carrier or amphibious assault ship model. My thanks to Melvin at Veteran Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
Big Apple, USA