Peter and The Olympians has appeared at a store near you! Many may have have seen the movie Percy and
the Olympians
in which a young man discovers that he is the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman and hence
a demi-god. Well mythologists, we have a demi-god of brass walking among us mere mortals who resides, not
on Olympus, but on a misty, mythical island off of the northwest coast of Europe. One of his latest
manifestations of Herculean labor (labour for him) is the the two fret set of marvelous relief-etched brass
designed to convert a humble plastic ship model of
HMS Dreadnought into a seabourne ship of the gods. The
White Ensign Models brass photo-etched set for the Zvezda 1:350 scale kit of HMS Dreadnought is this
marvelous creation.

When I reviewed the kit (
Zvezda HMS Dreadnought review), this statement appeared. "On the crowns of the
main gun turrets there were flat platforms for the turret mounted QF guns. As these platforms extended
beyond the centerline portion of the turret there was a support structure underneath the platform supporting
the platform on the sloping portion of the turret. For simplicity’s sake Zvezda did not make separate
platform wings. Instead, the entire platform is part of the turret crown with no vertical gap at platform
edge. If Mad Pete would just throw in the QF platform wings and supports, it is very simple to sand the
platform wings of the sloping crowns and to substitute with Mad Pete’s wonders.
" Those wonders have been
conjured on fret A of this set. Or, how about this,
"One set on missing details are the anchor chain run
plates leading from the windlasses to the deck hawse. You can add them with thin plastic sheet cut to
Through a wave of his scepter our demi-god has created those missing plates in fret A.

The very large fret A is in a thin, very fine gage for the more spidery items for the kit. One fitting that
immediately jumps out it is the torpedo net. If you wish to build the model in waterline format, you can portray
her at anchor with torpedo nets deployed. Fret A has the above water portion for all of the torpedo nets, so
you can fix the net booms in the kit swung out with nets deployed. To further add to such a build
includes sea boat boading ladders so you can have a couple of the ship's boats swung out or in the water with
boarding ladders leading from the ship down to the boats, teathered to boat booms. Detailed coal scuttle plates
are included. The turrets not only get replacement QF platforms with railing, but also acess ladder that runs up
between the guns, and three detailed parts to super-detail each QF gun. The tripod gets a deluxe treatment with
a new starfish for 1907 and 1915 (on B fret), yardarms with foot ropes, top fittings, and crane rigging and
pulleys. The shorter mainmast gets the same treatment. The funnels get fine cap grates and funnel platform
with supports. Two marvelous mesh WT aerial cages are included, one for 1907 and a taller cage for 1915.
About 45% of this fret is for the various railings needed for all of the decks and platforms. Their patterns, as
far as number of bars/rails and stantion separation various depending upon their location. Custom designed
inclined ladders (like acess ladders for superstructure QF guns and searchlights), accommodation ladders,
stern platform, as well as four long runs of generic vertical ladder are also included on Fret A.
The second fret uses a thicker gage of brass for larger, heavier items. From the review of the plastic kit was
this comment.  
"It appears that Zvezda tried to include the anti-torpedo net shelves at the top of the hull but
it is too narrow. The careful attachment of very thin plastic strips would correct this. A better solution
would be for Mad Pete to include the net shelves on the White Ensign Models photo-etch fret."
Lo and
behold, ask and yee shall receive, those missing net shelves have magically appeared in this
WEM set.  The
beat goes on.
"Another puzzle are the deck access coamings. Zvezda put them in the right locations and
provided the right shape but didn’t add the access doors or hinges."
The relief-etched parts in this set
includes all of the this detail missing from the kit.
"The navigation deck, atop the pilot house has locator
holes for all of the navigation equipment but did not include wood planking detail."
Not any more as this
fret includes not one but two compass/navigation decks. One is for a 1907 fit and the other is for a 1915 fit,
all with plank detail. Other platforms include a signalling platform, 1915 tripod searchlight platforms and
fittings, as well as the above mentioned 1907 and 1915 formast starfish and mainmast starfish.

Fret B goes far beyond the items noted above. There is a 1915 boat deck included and a planked bridge deck.
Cabins on this fret include a 1907 Admiral's shelter bulkheads, 1915 Admiral's sea cabin bulkheads and roof,
chart house bulkheads, and bridge front panels. All of the hatches, skylights and doors are included with relief-
etched hinges, handles and other fittings. These comprise the engine room ventilation hatches, open and closed
bulkhead doors, deck access hatches in different configurations, skylights in different patterns, double doors,
ammunition locker hatches, locker hatches and loading hatches. Ship's boats include thwarts, rudders,
propellers, and oars. Other detail included are two ship's cats (feline), davits and davit rigging, night life buoys
and racks, ship's wheel, raised
Dreadnought letters for the stern, steaming light frame anchor chain and
anchor chain stoppers.
Ho-hum, just another superb set of instructions is provided by White Ensign Models for their 1:350 scale
Dreadnought set. Of course, it is in their normal, work-a-day, outstandingly comprehensive format with
pictures and text. Wake me up when they fall from the pinnacle of perfection. The instructions consist of nine
pages, four sheets backprinted with page nine printed only on the front. Page one is general instructions.
Pages two and three are photographs of Fret A and Fret B with parts numbered and text describing the parts.
Page four has assembly modules for turret fittings, QF gun detail, charthouse/bridge front,
compass/navigation platform, bridge and Admiral's cabin. Page five has modules for 1915 Admiral's sea cabin,
late fit formast starfish, mainmast starfish, foremast top fittings, and 1915 searchlight platforms. Page six has
mainmast boom rigging, 1915 steaming light frame, funnel, fittings, signal platform, Admiral's walk, early
searchlight platform, and WT aerial cages. Page seven has modules for the stern platform, life buoy racks,
anchor race, accommodation ladders, open boat fittings, watertight doors, and torpedo net shelves. Page eight
includes two plans, one for deck railings and one for hatch and skylight locations. The final page concludes
with skylight assembly.
It is time for me to call Nashville to talk to the folks that administer the replica of the Parthanon to see if they
can change the huge statue of
Athena to one of Peter Hall. The White Ensign Models photo-etch set for the
1:350 scale
HMS Dreadnought kit by Zvezda has everything that a modeler could possibly need.