This is the White Ensign Models 1:700 scale M Class Destroyer HMS Milne built to depict the Milne in late 1942
with a Western Approaches Blue paint scheme. The kit's hull was suffering from some warping, hogging, which
required the hull to be screwed flat to a strip of aluminium prior to commencing construction. The kits boats were
not too impressive so I changed them for
WEM's Pro Series motorboats and whaler. The kit's searchlight was
replaced with one from a Tamiya O Class destroyer kit for the same reason. The open bridge windscreen is not
included in the kit's photo-etch set so I used one from a spare
WEM Blackswan Class Sloop PE set.

Pictures show ships of this class with the midships Carley float racks having horizontal rather than cross type
support bars as for the for'd and aft positions. The solution was to reverse the PE item 8 with the raft sitting on the
cross bars and then cut across half way along the crossed section then bend to fit. Brass rod pillars, 10 thou, were
placed under the 20mm Oerlikon gun tubs on B gun deck and 20 thou brass rod pillars underneath the aft 20mm gun
tubs. The kit quad Pom Pom mounting was replaced with a Niko Models Pom Pom mounting. As the ship is
displayed moored to a buoy the focs'le had to be shown with both anchors housed but the starboard cable
disconnected from its anchor and the cable run out through the bullring and down to the buoy. The starboard
anchor is stopped to the foc'sle deck. The model is painted with
WEM Colourcoats and Humbrol paints.
Peter Randall