White Ensign Models is a legendary name in the realm of warship modeling. The company was one of the leaders in the development of resin models and brass
photo-etch sets. Years ago when
WEM announced that it was closing its doors, it felt like a member of the family was gone. In case you don't know, White Ensign
is not gone! New brass photo-etched sets are still being designed by Peter "Mad Pete" Hall and produced in Great Britain. It is not just new sets that are
produced but also the older sets are available. What has changed is that they are now sold from the United States instead of the United Kingdom.
Richard Harden, who
also sells
Tom's Modelworks products, now runs White Ensign Models and has a White Ensign Models web site different and apart from the Tom's Modelworks
web site. Shown here is the original 2007
Mad Pete design for German cable reels in 1:700 scale. This small set features a host of DKM cable reels in nine different
patterns. Every part on the fret is relief-etch for exquisite detail. Classics never loose their beauty and this is emphatically true with
White Ensign Models brass
photo-etch products. Ignore the old UK address on the photograph of the label, as
WEM now has a US address.
Steve Backer