One problem consistently encountered in injected plastic models in 1:700 scale is the over-size nature of small anti-aircraft mounts. This is due to the inherent
limitations of the plastic process.
White Ensign Models has a solution to this problem when it comes to the host of Bismarck and Tirpitz kits or any other World
War Two German warship model in this scale.
WEM PE 733 provides relief-etched brass parts for four different DKM AA mounts. Provided are multiple parts for
eight C/30 quadruple 20mm mounts, eight C/38 quadruple 20mm mounts, eight M/43 twin 37mm mounts and twenty-two single 20mm guns. Although initially
released in 2000, this set designed by
Peter Hall, is still first class with elaborate relief-etching. White Ensign Models photo-etch was acquired by Toms
but still has its own web site.
Steve Backer