Dave Mezera of Indiana certainly likes the warships of the Royal Navy, as his builds at the 2019 US IPMS National Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee were of RN ships. This is the HMS Queen Elizabeth in her 1918 fit. It is the White Ensign
Queen Elizabeth in 1:700 scale. If you can find one, the WEM Queen Elizabeth is a fabulous model. Sure, it would be significantly more expensive than the Trumpeter plastic kit in the same scale of QE in World War One but the WEM quality
is there. In the description of the work done on the model, Dave mentions that only the brass photo-etch that came with the kit was used. It is standard that any
WEM model came with a totally comprehensive photo-etch fret designed by Mad Pete
Peter Hall). Other work done by Dave was adding figures from Tom's Modelworks and Gold Medal Models. Rigging was done with stretched sprue. Weathering was done with soft pastel chalk and the sea base was done with liqutex gloss medium