In my review of the Zvezda Diether von Roeder kit, which has since then been also released under the Revell label, I mentioned that the kit would benefit from
aftermarket photo-etch as the kit did not include any. Well
White Ensign Models has stepped up with a dedicated photo-etch set for this kit. White Ensign
may have new ownership, but the designer for their photo-etch products is still Peter “Mad Pete” Hall. Set PE 35185 has all the earmarks of a Mad Pete
design: excellent relief etching, loads of parts covering the entire ship and excellent instructions. The set is comprised of one good sized brass fret crammed with a
variety of fittings. Some of the parts are replacements for plastic parts in the kit and others are add-ons. First off, you get all the railings you will need already pre-
measured, which saves time and effort. The other “basic” parts, for lack of a better term, include inclined and vertical ladders, anchor chain, watertight doors, deck
hatches, funnel cap grills, yardarm footropes and foremast aerial spreader, bridge wing supports in two styles, propeller guards, cable reels and capstan handwheels
and associated bases.

The “extra” detail parts include the mine rail tracks, which are comprised of the bases and the actual rails. The base comes in two sections each, a straight and
curved section. The rails also come in two lengths to match the corresponding base. Applying the photo-etch mine rail tracks will require removing the molded-on
versions from the deck, which may not sound appealing to some modelers but the end result would be much better in comparison. Other “extra” detail parts include
details for the motor boat, sea boat and life rafts and parts to assemble the cradles for the boats, the fore mast goal post, the torpedo control positions, torpedo
loading gantries and the FuMo 21, Fu 23/24 and FuMo 63 radars.
Parts are provided to build the various anti-aircraft guns fitted to the ship. The guns covered are the 3.7cm Doppleflak C30, 2cm Flakveirling C38 and the single
2cm Flak C30. Each gun is a multi-part assembly which will produce a detailed gun mount. However, being photo-etch parts, the will appear a little flat and
two-dimensional, especially the gun barrels. In this day and age of 3D printed part options, the photo-etch versions may not please some modelers but it may
satisfy others.

As stated above, the instructions are excellent and are in the same format we have seen with other White Ensign Models products. The instructions are printed on
five pages, double-sided, with page one having a number keyed image of the photo-etch fret tied to a detailed parts list on the bottom of the page. The following
pages have very clear and detailed illustrations that show how subassemblies are put together and the locations of those subassemblies and other parts. Each
illustration is captioned with additional guidance explaining how the parts go together and when applicable, which kit parts they either replace or are attached to.
The final page has some additional instructions written out. As thorough as the instructions are, other references will be useful to model any of the three
destroyers that you able to with this kit.
The Zvezda/Revell Z-17 kit needs some TLC to address some of its shortcomings and this dedicated photo-etch detail set from White Ensign Models provides a
healthy dose of just what the doctor ordered. My thanks to
Richard Harden for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York