Here are several pictures of 1/700 scale submarine kits that I have finished. First is my just completed Tom’s Modelworks S-Class USN submarines.  Nicely detailed with great photo-etch and fun to put together. .Second is a picture of the S-Class subs
along with
Tom’s Modelworks really nice USS Argonaut kit that you have previously posted pictures of.  Also included in that photo is a Skywave Gato Class submarine to show relative sizes. Lastly are several pictures of the Loose Cannon WWII
submarine kits:
Cachalot and Cuttlefish, Dolphin, Mackerel and Marlin. Blue Ridge Models has accessory kits of weapons. These kits are inexpensive and great detail for subs and many other types of small to medium surface ships. As a disclosure, I
did help do some CAD work to make the
Loose Cannon kits many years ago – they are NOT 3-D printed, but were made out of detailed laminated plastic layers, sometimes with side layers.  The plastic layers were laser etched from CAD files (my part)
and then built up and finished by Hugh Letterly and people more artistic than I in Colorado.  We also did
Salmon and P-Class submarines back then, but they are not pictured.. I just received the Blue Ridge Models Sargo Class submarine in 1/700,
which I am looking forward to, as I am obviously on a submarine kick. The collection really needs a SS-167
Narwhal Class or two to be complete….hoping Richard at Tom’s Modelworks gets to read this…..

Rob Weilacher
Smyrna, Georgia