What's New 2018
21 January 2018
USS Virginia CGN-38, Dragon 1:700 Scale, Buit by Rob Weilacher - This is Rob Weilacher's build of the Dragon USS Virginia
CGN-38 in 1:700 scale. Rob used the Artists Hobby's photo-etch set for the build. Added to the
Cruiser Gallery.
20 January 2018
Peresviet, Imperial Russian Battleship, Scratch-Built in 1:550 Scale by Gregory Shoda - This is the old Russian battleship Peresviet.
The model of
Pereviet is based upon drawings by V. M. Tomitch. The model is scratch-built in 1:550 scale by Gregory Shoda.  He
finds Russian battleships intriguing and have built models of most of the Imperial Russian battleship classes. Added to the
16 January 2018
PLA Navy Railings, 5 Star Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Delix Bustelo - The 5 Star Model 1:350 scale of PLA Navy Railing is a
great little set to with a variety of railings to detail maybe two PLAN plastic kits, depending on the size of the vessel. Added to the
1:350 Scale Reviews Section.
10 January 2018
SS Palo Alto, Concrete Tanker, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, By David Angelo of Loose Cannon East -  This is SS Palo Alto, a
ferro cement ship built at the end of WWI for the Emergency Fleet Corporation as EFC Design 1100.
Palo Alto was designed as a
freighter, modified while building to be a tanker. They kept the machinery amidships, rather than moving it aft like a conventional
tanker. Added to the
Auxiliary Gallery.
4 January 2018
USS Pennsylvania Control Tops, Model Monkey 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Model Monkey has the perfect solution for
the control tops for either
USS Pennsylvania or USS Arizona in 1:350 scale. These one-piece resin control tops are an elegant, clean,
and outstanding solution to replace the plastic parts in the Banner/HobbyBoss
Arizona kit. Added to the Fittings Reviews Section.
3 January 2018
USS Intrepid CV-11, Angle Deck Airraft Carrier Upgrade Set, Tetra Model Works 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The
Intrepid CV-11 Detail Up Set is very extensive and is a super detailer’s delight.Felix doesn’t think there is really anything overlooked.
Some of the subassemblies are a bit complex, with lots of individual parts, so Felix would recommend it for modelers with a good deal
of experience working with photo-etch. If you are willing to take the plunge, you will have a hell of an
Intrepid model to proudly
display. Added to the
Multi-Media Upgrade Set Reviews Section.
2 January 2018
USS Lionfish SS-298 Sail/Fairwater, Model Monkey 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Lionfish fairwater is a welcome
addition to the growing
Model Monkey catalog and will save the modeler the trouble of having to scratch-build one if you wish to
model a
Balao class submarine that had a similar fairwater. Added to the Fittings Reviews Section.