What's New 2019
11 January 2019
USN Mk. 37 Gun Director with Mk. 4 Radar Array, Black Cat Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Black Cat Models has
produced a spectacular Mk 37 with Mk 4 radar array in 1:350 scale. There are two directors in a box with each unit including two  
pieces. These are the director housing and the radar array. Added to the
Fittings Reviews Section.
9 January 2019
USN 5-Inch/38 Mk.28 Twin Gun Turrets, Model Monkey 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Part of the new releases in gray
resin in 1:700 scale from
Model Monkey is the twin 5-inch/38 Mk. 28 gun turret. These can be used in upgrading USN fast battleship,
aircraft carrier, cruiser and even
Gearing/Sumner destroyer kits. Model Monkey provides ten turrets but no barrels. There are hole
locaters for the barrels, which provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade to turned metal barrels. Added to the
Ordnance Reviews
6 January 2019
HMS Dreadnought, Scratch-Built in 1:200 Scale by Shuki Aloni - Shuki Aloni of Israel is a prolific scratch-builder in 1:200 scale.
Here is one of his latest builds, the
HMS Dreadnought. Added to the Battleship Gallery.
4 January 2019
5-Inch/38 Mk. 30 Gun on Open Platform, Black Cat Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - One very common USN gun in
World War Two was the 5-Inch/38 dual purpose gun. It was the standard heavy anti-aircraft gun for cruisers, battleships and aircraft
carriers right before and throughout the war. It was also the primary gun on destroyers. In configurations it could be found as single
gun turret, twin gun turret and open platform mounts. Black Cat Models has produced the 5-Inch/38 Mk.30 gun on an open mount in
1:350 scale. Added to the
Ordnance Reviews Section.
3 January 2019
Dupuy de Lôme, French Armored Cruiser 1895, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig Dupuy de Lôme in
1:350 scale is a glorious model. This assessment is based on two factors. First is the inherent quality and cleanness of the
resin and brass parts. The second factor is the architectural features of
Dupuy de Lôme. All of the characteristics of French warship
design in the last part of the 19th Century are on display in spades. Whatever you like, from enormous rounded ram, to heavy fierce
face military masts bristling with light guns, to graceful curved tumblehome hull with square windows, to the mouse ear funnel fume
deflectors, its all there in glorious excess. Added to the
Cruiser Reviews Section.
2 January 2019
C Class Spanish Submarine, Iberia Models 1:350 Scale, Build Review by Juan Bataller - Spain has a new model ship producer, who
obviously concentrates on the warships of the Spanish Navy. The Spanish Navy has long been overlooked by kit producers, so maybe
a model of the
Canarias Class heavy cruiser might eventually appear. Juan Bataller built the Iberia Models C Class Spanish submarine
C6 and provides his build review. Added to the Submarine Reviews Section.
1 January 2019
USS Comstock LSD-19, Blue Ridge Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - If you have an interest in amphibious operations,
Blue Ridge Models USS Comstock LSD-19 in 1:700 scale is an outstanding kit with resin, brass photo-etch, turned brass and
decal sheet for a true multimedia presentation. With the kit the modeler cane build any of the ships of the
Ashland and Casa Grande
, the first two classes of the Landing Ship Dock for the United States Navy. Added to the Auxiliary Reviews Section.