After a protracted (7 1/2 years) build, I've finally completed and delivered a commission build of the USS BROOKLYN CL 40, to
her new owner, who should be very familiar to all of us who are afflicted with AMS (Advanced Modeller's Syndrome). The model
is based on a
Yankee Model Works (ex Classic Warships) kit in 1/350th scale, and has been back-dated to a pre-war (1939) fit,
with no radar or splinter shielding and a reduced anti-aircraft fit. Due to the build seemingly to go on forever, I could have added
more details, but didn't - she's missing cable reels, etc on the upper deck, her two 26' Motor Whale Boats either side of her after
superstructure, and the rigging could have been more extensive.

Alterations to the kit included brass 6" barrels for the main battery, reworked (replaced) decks to the forward 02, 03, and 04 Bridge
superstructure levels, scratch-built main battery directors, towers, (and cereba around the forward one), scratch-built .5" MG
platforms on either side of the after superstructure, scratch-built masts and siren platform on the forward funnel (AARRGGHHH
!!!), new barbettes for the 6" turrets, scratch-built base for the aircraft handling crane, scratch-built boat cranes with photo-etch
booms from
Gold Medal Models' SAN FRANCISCO, and reworked details (vents) on the after superstructure. The hull plating
was done by building up progressive layers of Mr Surfacer with Tamiya masking tape applied and removed as required for each run
of plating. After that, all the hull scuttles (port-holes) were drilled out, about 230 for each side!!!

Photo-etch was a mix of kit P-E,
GMM's excellent set for the SAN FRANCISCO, L'Arsenal details and catapults, and Tom's
.The 5"/25 Cal AA Guns and searchlights are from the excellent Veteran after-market sets - the details on these items
are fantastic. The aircraft are Trumpeter SOC's with
GMM P-E struts, and cowlings from the White Ensign Models aircraft.
Paint was
WEM of course. The sea base is an acrylic gell painted with Tamiya paints for a North Atlantic colour. Finally, I received
a lot of help that was greatly appreciated from Tony Bunch and Roger Torgeson - both of whom are working on or have completed
a similar build with the same kit, but as the
USS HONOLULU and USS PHOENIX. I also received invaluable help from Dana Bell
for information on turret and aircraft markings (hope I got the aircraft right) and from Jim Bell on the
compliment. Thanks guys - this what I think model building is all about. Last but not least - a very big Thank You to Bill G, for his
patience and understanding with the length of this build, while I sorted out a mid-life course correction.


Chris Preston,
Victoria, BC, Canada