Garden Stater, Martin Quinn, has certainly grown a delicious harvest with his build of the Dieter von Roeder, German Destroyer Z-17. The model is produced by Zvezda in 1:350 scale. Martin did some modifications and additions to the kit before it
was entered in the 2019 US IPMS National Convention. He removed the Aztec stairs on the kit and used
Lion Roar inclined ladders in their place as well as using Lion Roar doors to cover the bland generic doors on the kit. Flyhawk railing was used.
The funnel caps were adapted from a Trumpeter
Z-25 kit to fit the Z-17. Northstar figures were added. The moder was painted with Colourcoats Hellgrau 50, Dunkelgrau 51 and RLM 7016 and weathered with oil paint. Pennant number decals were
from the kit, while the ensign flag was from the spares box.