Model Kits from the 1930s & 1940s
USS Indiana, AMPCO 1:500 Scale 1940, Tom Ratliff Collection - This is an AMPCO Indiana circa 1940 in 1:500 Scale. It is definitely an AMPCO
kit because the 5 inch guns are exactly like their
Savannah. They made a bunch of stuff in 1940 competing with Ideal Toy Company.
USS Idaho Modified from a USS Tennessee Kit, Strombecker 1:700 Scale, Tom Ratliff Collection - This is a 1:700 scale Strombecker USS
that somebody turned into a reconstructed Idaho-Mississippi. This was truly a skilled modeler to do this because even the basic hulls were
radically different and he got it right.
USS North Carolina, Ideal Toy Company & Whitman Publishing 1:500 Scale 1940, Tom Ratliff Collection - These photographs show two
wooden kits of
USS North Carolina, one by Ideal Toy Company and one by Whitman Publishing Company. Both kits were produced in 1940 and are
part of
Tom Ratliff's collection.
Aircraft Carriers
USS Lexington CV-2 & USS Saratoga CV-3, Megow Model Company 1:600 Scale 1934, Built by Tom Ratliff - These are the magnificent 600
Scale Megow's Model Company
USS Lexington and USS Saratoga produced in 1934.
USS Yorktown CV-5, Whitman 1:500 1940, Built by Tom Ratliff - Age has not been kind to this model of the USS Yorktown produced in 1940
from Whitman because of the form of hull construction employed. Whitman provided a keel and ribs in balsa and paper to cover the hull. The paper is
so fragile that it will disintegrate, so the modeler will have to use different material or, as in this case by
Tom Ratliff, shape a hull from balsa.